Tom Piper's Hog Roast

Some Questions Answered

We expect that you’ll have plenty of questions to ask about your forthcoming event.  These FAQs will answer some, but perhaps not all your questions, so please contact us if you have any other questions.

Q:  What area do you cover?
A:  As a ‘rule of thumb’ we cover anywhere within an hour’s traveling time from our base at Whitegate near Northwich in Mid-Cheshire.

Q:  What time will you arrive?
A:  The hog takes at least 6 hours cooking time, but most of that is done on our premises so that we will need to arrive only 60-90 minutes before you require the food to be served.

Q:  Do you need access to power?
A:  It depends on the timing of the event; if there’s an electrical socket nearby that we can connect our extension to for lighting, great.  However, we will bring our own gas for the hog roasting oven.

Q:  What staff are required?
A:  We supply one experienced chef to cut and carve your Hog Roast, plus one or more waiter (depending on the size of your event) to serve.

Q:  How long will my Hog Roast be served for?
A:  We usually serve for up to 2 hours…this is plenty of time for everyone to be served, and even for those with a big appetite to have another helping!

Q:  What size pig will I need?
A:  Don’t worry about that; just tell us how many guests you’re expecting and we’ll cook a pig to suit…and you’ll find that there’s usually plenty left over.

Q:  Do you supply a vegetarian option?
A:  Yes, we can cater for the vegetarians, and we would be pleased to discuss the options with you.

Q:  What happens if there are any leftovers?
A:  At the end of the service any remaining food is placed into foil trays for you to keep.

Q:  What happens if it rains?
A:  We hope that it doesn’t, but we will bring a gazebo to cover the cooking and serving area…just in case!